UAE residence visa processing

Before we talk about Dubai the UAE residence visa application, one must first understand who a resident is. According to the existing definition, a resident is a legal entity or a private individual who is permanently registered or permanently resides in the country, and carries certain rights and responsibilities in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country.

The UAE resident status allows a foreign citizen the right to reside in the country, work, drive their own car, open bank accounts with cheque books etc.

Residence visa in Dubai is issued for a period of 2-3 years, after which it is possible to renew it unlimited number of times. Foreign nationals may obtain residence visa under the following conditions:

  • Possession of their own business in the UAE
  • Ownership of real estate in the UAE
  • Employment

In the first case, business owners in the UAE can get a three-year visa by establishing their own business in the country, provided the business is registered and all the required state fees are paid.

Property owners in Dubai the UAE are also eligible to residence visa, provided that the value of the acquired property corresponds to the level of price established by the legislation of the country.

In case of employment, the residence visa for foreign nationals is issued by the employer.

Marbag Consulting offers a full range of services, from establishment and development of your own business in the UAE, to processing of resident visas for you, your family members and your employees.

With the right approach, a residence visa in Dubai can be arranged relatively easily and quickly, however, it should be kept in mind that, although the process of obtaining visa is regulated, there are different aspects that can lead not only to delays in application process, but also to complete rejection of the application.

The experts of Marbag Consulting in Dubai, UAE, will prepare necessary documents for visa application, and will follow all steps of its processing, including medical test and payment of immigration fees.

We also offer services of renewal, transfer and cancellation of residence visas, as well as obtaining labor permit of the Ministry of Labour and Emirates ID (resident’s identity card).

Relying on Marbag Consulting in the process of residence visa application, you will save yourself from unnecessary costs and administrative delays.

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