UAE bank account opening in Dubai, UAE

UAE banking institutions hold the top positions in specialized rankings thanks to their impeccable reputation and financial stability known worldwide.

In addition to their reliability, Dubai banking institutions of the UAE have made themselves attractive to clients through low account maintenance rates and simplified reporting system. In their operations, the banks deploy modern technologies that not only facilitate the process of communication with the clients, but also help to achieve a high degree of electronic security. Having opened a bank account, you can execute money transfers, issue letters of credit, count on receiving loans and grants.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the process of opening of bank account requires knowledge of the banking industry both in general and within the local environment in particular. It should be kept in mind that the purpose of opening the account is not only dependent on the choice of individual bank, but also the type of bank account.

“Marbag Consulting” provides consultancy services on opening of bank accounts, both personal and corporate, to the UAE residents. Opening of accounts by non-residents is subject to meeting certain criteria, which can be confirmed with our consultants.

Working with us, you will be able to choose the banking institution and account type that meets your requirements. Our consultants will help you prepare the documents for opening of a bank account, create client portfolio, pass the interview with the bank, and they will also monitor the courier delivery of the banking cards and remote access tools.

About Marbag Consulting Dubai

We are the professional corporate service provider in Dubai, UAE. We have experienced team and provide all-round services on registration of all types of companies in the UAE and all the related support services for its administration such as yearly renewals, residency visas, bank accounts, corporate restructuring, etc.

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