UAE residence visa processing

Before we talk about Dubai the UAE residence visa application, one must first understand who a resident is. According to the existing definition, a resident is a legal entity or […]

Customs Consultancy

Lack of knowledge of customs legislation in UAE may lead to inaccurate preparation of customs documents, high customs duties, delays in shipment and, in some cases, confiscated cargo. The consultants […]

Residence visa cancellation in UAE

Residence visa in the UAE has to be cancelled upon dismissal from work, liquidation of the employer’s company and, sometimes, in cases of transfer from one employment to another, or […]

Residence visa transfer in UAE

Residence visas in the UAE are issued at the place of employment, and in case of change of employment it is necessary to transfer the sponsorship to the new employer. […]

About Marbag Consulting Dubai

We are the professional corporate service provider in Dubai, UAE. We have experienced team and provide all-round services on registration of all types of companies in the UAE and all the related support services for its administration such as yearly renewals, residency visas, bank accounts, corporate restructuring, etc.

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