Letter of credit and bank finance documentation assistance in Dubai, UAE

Letter of Credit is a conditional fiscal obligation assumed by a UAE bank (issuing bank) on behalf of the payer to execute payments to the payee, upon presentation of the documents matching the Letter of Credit by the latter. In order to obtain a Letter of Credit from a bank, you need to submit the information about the contract and the supplier of goods (services), against which the Letter of Credit is issued, specify the date of expiry and place of execution of the Letter of Credit, the name of the supplier and the bank executing the Letter of Credit, the list of documents that serve as the basis for payment by Letter of Credit, the date of the documents’ submission and the procedure of their preparation. Marbag Consulting Dubai will assist in the process of collection and preparation of documents as well as application for the Letter of Credit at the bank.

About Marbag Consulting Dubai

We are the professional corporate service provider in Dubai, UAE. We have experienced team and provide all-round services on registration of all types of companies in the UAE and all the related support services for its administration such as yearly renewals, residency visas, bank accounts, corporate restructuring, etc.

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