About our company

«Marbag Consulting» provides services of establishing new businesses in the United Arab Emirates. A number of customers have availed our services to become mature role players in the UAE economy. Years of experience and local knowledge of Dubai and the entire UAE enable us to deliver a wide range of services in the field of legal consulting and business administration. Individual approach helps us understand the desires of our clients; and comprehensive solution to any problem helps us avoid unnecessary hurdles. The effectiveness of our services is achieved through high level of skills of our team members and their will to give you a helping hand in Dubai, UAE whenever you need them.

«Marbag Consulting» is the immediate and professional team. Each member of our team is not simply working for the final result, but for the long term goals and relationships. Each of us knows that the quality of our work has direct impact on the reputation of the company, to which we are connected by much more than just an employment contract. Having used our services once, you can count on the continued support of your activities in the future. Our company works closely with the government agencies of the UAE, trade missions and consulates of foreign countries, and is widely known within the UAE Free Zones.

About Marbag Consulting Dubai

We are the professional corporate service provider in Dubai, UAE. We have experienced team and provide all-round services on registration of all types of companies in the UAE and all the related support services for its administration such as yearly renewals, residency visas, bank accounts, corporate restructuring, etc.

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